Aloha's Magnificent Mile Boat Cruise

Jim CruisersOn August 18th, Aloha Print Group had the opportunity to set sail on Chicago’s First Lady for the Magnificent Mile Association’s 2015 Annual Summer Blues Cruise. We took a venture down the Chicago River, which was more than a networking event … it was an experience. You see, the Chicago River was originally used as a trade route for its fur and accessible access points. If you fast forward 350 years, we are still using it as a form of trade. Instead of furs, however, the Magnificent Mile allowed us to trade business cards, pleasantries, and the occasional trade secret (Don’t ask me, I said it’s a secret). 

As I was walking up, people were getting a little worried, and I’ll admit so was I. Right around 4PM there were rain clouds rolling in, and not normal ones . . . the dark and ominous type. When we got there, the committee running the event assured us all the precautions were taken in case the rain came. Lucky for us, we never had to resort to plan B because that rain held off.

Walking aboard, we were welcomed by very helpful greeters as Beatmix Music (a live jazz quartet) was playing in the background. They were a perfect underscore for the event, just loud enough that you could still hear yourself think, while setting a mood for a fun conversational atmosphere.  As I walked away from the band, I made my way to one of the two bars stocked by Mag Mile Member, Chicago Beverage System, LLC. They provided an assortment of Chicago’s favorites like Daisy Cutter, Pier Pale Ale, and Revolution Brewery. With one of Chicago’s finest now in my hand, it was time to mingle and network. As I was making my rounds, I saw a committee members selling tickets for some absolutely amazing prizes. Of those, your very own blogger was lucky enough to walk away with two bags of well-thought-out nights of entertainment. 

Eventually, I hit that point of the night where all that mingling made me hungry.  So I walked downstairs where Mag Mile Members Blue Plate Catering and Eli’s Cheesecake Company displayed an array of delicious appetizers and desserts.  Everything was perfectly done and promoted. In fact, many attendees went up for seconds… or thirds (you know who you are). While down there, we got to enjoy the beautiful floral arrangements provided by Mag Mile Member Amlings Interior Landscape. It was amazing how many of the Mag Mile members gave to make this event a true success. Even the lights and sound were provided by Luxe Productions (which, you guessed it…Member!).

As we were coming to dock, it was time to say goodbye to everyone for the evening as we successfully dodged the rain in style, and surrounded by wonderful company. It was so much fun, it made me want to reverse the river one more time! So here’s to the 2015 Blues Cruise … we’re all already looking forward to next year’s.



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