Time flies when you’re having fun…

I’m finding that many clichés often end up being true.  It certainly applies to the title of this blog, as Aloha Print Group celebrates our 13th anniversary providing print and copy support for the Chicago market.

To be brutally honest, it hasn’t all been fun.  Hard work from everyone, from our production techs to customer facing staff to office and operations management is what has brought us to this day.  Sleepless nights are certainly less prevalent than in the early days, but making sure I make the right decisions for my staff and my business is constantly on my mind.

I’ve always been optimistic, it certainly is better than the alternative.  And I knew, through unsteady economic times, that the team we assembled could handle challenges and maintain their focus on our customers.

Our recent rebranding and marketing efforts is proving fruitful.  Management changes and a focus on our internal culture is bringing out a fresh approach to problems and how to formulate solutions as a team.

Aloha is also proud to be involved in the World Business Chicago CASE program – Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy.  It’s a great opportunity for us to get in front of large institutions that form the base for business in Chicago, and prove to them that Aloha Print Group may be a “small business”, but we can work with the big guys any day.

So today I say THANK YOU to all who have contributed along the way – the current, past and future employees and clients, the vendors, suppliers, bankers, insurance agents, building managers, marketing companies, real estate support staff and everyone else throughout the years.  Most of you don’t just fit into those categories anymore – you are the true friends that helped Aloha to its success.  Here’s to at least 13 more!





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