Aloha's Night at the Exchange

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s (CCC) largest networking event of the year, “The Exchange” took place on April 6th, and Aloha was an exhibitor.  Present that evening were around 80 different businesses from various industry backgrounds including food, education, communication, and of course, print! 

The night was well rounded and included an excellent panel discussion with the focus being “Social Impact Strong”.  Three businesses, Shinola, Flowers for Dreams, and Blue Plate Catering discussed how their respective organizations worked hard to make a positive social impact.  As it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to become involved in supporting non-profit organizations, the panel topic was refreshing and relevant.  The content shared truly demonstrated, as the CCC put it, “the importance of social impact for modern day business success” and that companies focusing on positive social change is becoming an inspirational trend.  We at Aloha are proud to support several different local charities, including Girls on the Run, the USO of Illinois, the Wood Family Foundation, Saturday Place and CASA of Cook County.

Following the panel discussion came the fun part: navigating the trade show.  Making our way through the maze of booths and businesses was made convenient, however, by use of Bonfyre, a social networking app and the Exchange’s silver tiered sponsor.  Having the Bonfyre app made it possible to connect with businesses via instant messaging and offered prize incentives for visiting several different tables. 

We enjoyed exchanging information with representatives of other businesses, building solid connections, and discussing with them the many ways we could assist their company with our high quality printing services.  Those who dropped their business cards at our table were entered in a raffle to win game tickets for either the Cubs or the Sox (Congratulations to the winner, Erika from New York Life!). We were happy to hand out notebooks and pamphlets (and Mai Tais!), but our favorite example that showcased our skills was one that everyone already had: the program for the Exchange itself.  In fact, Aloha was pleased to be able to print several types of media for this year’s Exchange, which were visible around the event.

For more information about what we can do for you, contact our Business Development Manager Jim –, or give us a call at 312-542-1300.

This year’s Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce’s Exchange certainly lived up to its name, with great conversation and ideas being exchanged throughout the evening.  We found the Exchange to be both inspirational and informational, and Aloha is grateful to have been a part of such an excellent event!


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