Getting to Know Us: Jim Vozzella

Here at Aloha Print Group, we believe you get more out of your printer relationship if you know who you’re working with. Forming connections and building a dialogue is what collaboration is all about.

That’s why we’re kicking off a new Q&A series with members of our staff so you can get to know us before submitting your project.

To get us started, let’s get to know Jim Vozzella, Business Development Manager, a little better. Many of our current clients already know and love Jim for his upbeat attitude and ability to help figure out how to make any print project concept come to life.

Vozzella Jim

“I also love cooking and being mediocre at fantasy football.”

What drove you to the printing industry?

I was looking to make career transition. When my job search first got underway, I placed a priority on finding a company that really cared about their product and employees. When I found Aloha, I saw a company who embodied these values and presented an opportunity for me to live a more balanced life. 

What is one of your favorite projects you’ve ever had a hand in?

I really enjoyed putting together a 40,000-piece postcard mailer for a first-time client. It was the first mailer of that size that I’d ever done. The print came out perfect and there was a low rate of kickback from the post office. A big project that ended up working out great for the client. 

Outside of work, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

I am an improviser, sketch writer, and director throughout Chicago. I’ve performed at Laugh Out Loud Chicago, MCL Chicago and a host of other comedy venues around the city. 

I also love cooking and being mediocre at fantasy football. When the weather is nicer I also brew my own beer. 

If you could give one piece of advice to customers before submitting a print job, what would it be?

Please when sending a file, send it as a high-resolution PDF or 300 DPI minimum JPEG. (Note: if you aren’t sure if your photos or files are high resolution, reach out to your printer before you send them in. This will save valuable time and help your print job stick to schedule). 

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