How To Choose a Bind

Though there are a seemingly overwhelming number of binds to choose from, we’ll stick with the five most popular, as you’re most likely to use one of them for your next project.

The most common binding techniques used on print projects are:

1.)   Saddle Stitch - The saddle stitch involves folding large pieces of paper in half and stapling at the crease. For this reason, saddle stitched books require that the number of pages be divisible by four.

2.)   Perfect Binding - Perfect binding is used when you want to include writing on the spine of your book. Perfect binding is great for books as small as a couple pages and as large as 450 pages (assuming a size 20 font).  

3.)   GBC (or Comb) Binding - GBC, or Comb, binding is a great, inexpensive way to bind larger books. You can bind as few as two and as many as 425 sheets of paper at a 2 inch bind. This bind makes use of a hole punch that allows you to easily add and remove pages.

4.)   Wire Binding - We recommend using a wire binding when you need an aesthetically pleasing, permanent bind.  A wire bind allows documents to lie flat and can hold up for a long time. Wire binding has a classy look, and isn’t limited to a metal appearance.

5.)   Coil (or Spiral) Binding - Coil binding is used when you would like a book to lay completely flat while also being able to have it open cover to cover.  Unlike wire binding, coil binding is elastic, so your book is able to keep its shape like a slinky.

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