How To Pick The Right Lamination Thickness

Lamination is a great way to make your project stand out, but choosing the right lamination thickness can be confusing. There are three different types to select from, pick the one which best complements the intent of your project 

Thin Lamination 

You may see this type of lamination on restaurant menus, as it allows for some give while also protecting your document. It is best used on 32# text paper with 5 mil laminate.

Thick Lamination 

This provides protection while offering a sturdy feel, making it a great option for projects like event badges. We’d use 32# text paper with 10 mil laminate to ensure this project will last for at least a week.

Super Thick Lamination

If you want your materials to be long-lasting, a super thick laminate is your best choice. An example of this type of laminate would be the type used on a driver’s license. 100# card paper with 10 mil laminate will be used for this effect.

Want to learn more about lamination? Head on over to our blog to learn more about choosing the right lamination for your project.  

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