How to Pick the Right Poster Board Type 

Many people find themselves surprised – and sometimes overwhelmed – by the choices they need to make about their board. There are a number of board options to consider, including foam, gator, museum or corrugated board. So how do you determine which poster board type you should use?

Foam Board

Most people have used a foam board for a presentation before. Think back to your high school days; if you ever made a board for a class project, you likely used foam board. Much like your poster board for your senior year English class project, foam boards are meant to only be used once; over time, foam board will begin to bow in the center, causing the board to become less sturdy. 

Gator Board

If you want your board to withstand the test of time (and multiple meetings), gator board is your best bet. Though gator board costs more than a foam board, it is far sturdier – allowing you to use it over and over again without fear of it becoming disfigured or breaking. 

Museum Board

Foam and gator boards are great options for many projects; however, for some, they are too thick to serve their purpose. If you need a very thin and double-sided mount, you should look toward the museum board.

A museum board is both thin and sturdy, and can fit into most frames. You’ll often seem museum boards in hotel lobbies and (you guessed it) museums.

Corrugated Board

Not all boards are used indoors. If you need a weather resistant board (perhaps you are planning a golf outing and you need signage for each hole), your best bet is corrugated board. Corrugated board has a honeycomb shape, is weather resistant and can be staked into the ground.

Board Protection

Need extra protection for your board? Lamination will keep your board safe, no matter what type of board you choose.

Want to learn more about poster board types? Head on over to our blog to learn more about choosing the right poster board type for your project.

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